Porto has a strong industrial tradition and an important part of the Portuguese clusters is based in the region.

Health Cluster Portugal (HCP)
The Health Cluster Portugal was established in 2008 with the mission of developing the national health ecosystem and turning Portugal into a competitive player in the research, design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of health-related products and services.

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With its headquarters in Porto, HCP is achieving an increasingly nationwide scale and a notable international presence. 

Currently, HCP brings together about 185 members, including R&D institutions, universities, hospitals, organisations from civil society and companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, ICT and services, among others.

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PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Cluster
PRODUTECH's mission is to promote the sustainable development and the internationalisation of the national production technology chain in close cooperation with the main sectors of the Portuguese manufacturing industry and with the national science and technology system.

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Therefore, its main objective is to promote and foster cooperation between the production technology providers - namely machinery, equipment and system manufacturers, system integrators, software application developers, engineering enterprises - and the relevant entities of the end-user sectors, in order to offer innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions.

Nowadays, the cluster brings together more than 119 members, including technology providers, end users, industry associations, entities from the science and technology system, among others. 

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PortugalFoods - Portuguese Agro-food Cluster
PortugalFoods’ mission is to reinforce the competitiveness of the Portuguese food industry based on two strategic pillars – innovation and internationalisation. 

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PortugalFoods is the "umbrella" brand of the Portuguese agro-food sector and the main promotional vehicle of the country's products, brands and companies, contributing to their increasing recognition in the international markets.

Located in Porto, the cluster is recognized throughout the industry as the main intermediary and developer of the Portuguese agro-food sector, and is composed by more than 153 members - including companies, entities from the science and technology system and representatives of the different agro-food industries.

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Mobility Cluster
The mobility cluster was established with the mission to promote initiatives and innovation activities of national and international nature of technology in the various areas related to mobility industries.

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By promoting and encouraging cooperation between companies, organizations, universities and public authorities, the cluster intends to increase the mobility industry's R&D capacity and therefore their turnover, exports and qualified employment.

It aims to position Portugal as a reference in the research, design, development, manufacturing and testing of products and services for the mobility industries.

Headquartered in Porto, it has 40 members including companies, business associations, R&D centres and public bodies.

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National Portuguese ICT Cluster (TICE.PT)
TICE.PT’ mission is to build a platform of collaboration that mobilizes ICT key actors on innovation processes, I&DT, knowledge transfer, advanced training, development of products and services, marketing and internationalisation.

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The cluster aims to make Portugal a world reference in the ICT - the Information and Communication Technologies and Electronics field - until 2020. The Internet of the Future, training and qualification, and internationalisation are the main vectors of the cluster's intervention strategy.

With headquarters in Aveiro, TICE.PT engages and mobilizes relevant actors throughout Portugal, and in particular in the regions of Braga, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, bringing together more than 85 members that cover the entire value chain of the ICT sector – universities, R&D centres, business associations and companies.

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