Porto and Northern Portugal Attractiveness for Foreign Direct Investment Study

"Porto & Northern Portugal: A Magnet for Investment" is a pioneering study on the attractiveness of Porto and Northern Portugal for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which is based on data from EY European Investment Monitor and is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the dynamics and perceptions of international investors, regarding the attractiveness of the city of Porto and the Northern Region.

Among other relevant aspects, the study highlights the evolution of the economy in the region, with GDP growth twice as fast as compared to the national average, and the differentiating attractiveness of Porto and Northern Portugal, which today ranks first in the intent of FDI. This result reflects its attractiveness conditions, with particular emphasis on skills and infrastructure, but also due to factors such as the quality of life (91%), social climate stability (79%), telecommunications infrastructure (77%), labor costs (75%) and the potential for increased productivity (72%).

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