Support hotline Revitaliza Porto.


Support hotline
Revitaliza Porto.

Take the easiest route to clarifying your doubts and finding support for your business in Porto.

Through the Revitaliza Porto support hotline, you can access personally tailored advice and learn about all the support available for your company and your investments in our city.

This support hotline provides free access to the consultancy services of our team of specialists in incentives, financing, tax affairs, labour issues and municipal support programs, fully prepared to respond to the questions faced by your business due to COVID-19.

Speak with us and get the answers you’re looking for.

For our team to provide you with the most appropriate answers, call the Revitaliza Porto Support Hotline at +351 220 100 220 (choose option 4) or respond to the following questions:
State your main area of interest
After completing the form, our team will analyse your request and then get back in touch.

We guarantee both the protection of your data and confidentiality for all the information received.
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