Financial Incentives

InvestPorto works with a range of financial and fiscal instruments which help to increase the attractiveness of Porto in the national and international context.

European Funds
InvestPorto deals with a set of financial instruments that appear directly linked to Portugal 2020.

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The Programme which places strong emphasis on achieving smart growth as well as developing a knowledge and innovation-based economy, particularly in the fields linked to the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation.

Portugal 2020 considers businesses, particularly SMEs, as preferred recipients of funding.

The programme aims to encourage entrepreneurship and foster innovative capacity, placing emphasis on the development of more advanced strategies, based on skilled human resources and strongly focused on collaborative partnerships, amongst other forms of cooperation, such as networks and clusters.

For each project, expenditure eligible for funding will be assessed. Costs may include:
  • Acquisition of machinery and equipment;
  • Acquisition of computer equipment (including software);
  • Acquisition of patent rights, licenses, know-how and technical knowledge;
  • Studies, diagnostics, auditing, marketing plans and architectural and engineering projects;
  • Training of human resources;
  • Building construction, refurbishment works and other construction works.
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Tailored made services
InvestPorto can help every company finding the most appropriate incentives for a specific project, regardless of its nature.
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  • Projects covering industrial research or experimental development activities, leading to the creation or improvement of products, processes or systems, or projects aimed at creating or strengthening businesses’ internal R&D skills and capacity;
  • Projects aimed at demonstrating the economic and technical advantages of new technological solutions that are still not sufficiently validated from the technological point of view, thus not being ready for commercial use;
  • Projects in collaboration between companies and R&D entities aimed at an effective transfer of knowledge and improvement of R&D results into the private sector;
  • Projects aimed at strengthening the production of new or improved goods and services, as well as processes or manufacturing methods, and ultimately generating new opportunities for internationalization;
  • Projects aimed at introducing higher levels of qualification and internationalization in SMEs, and ultimately increasing their competitiveness, flexibility and capacity to respond to global market demands.
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