Municipal Incentives

Porto's Municipality provides various financial and fiscal incentives that increase the city's attractiveness for investments, both in national and in international terms.
Urban Rehabilitation Areas
Porto's City Council has defined strategic programs for each Urban Rehabilitation Area (Portuguese acronym "ARU”) within the city of Porto in order to promote urban regeneration, infrastructure improvement and economic and social development in these city areas.

Each strategic program is an essential instrument, since it defines concrete objectives, targets, deadlines and a set of benefits and incentives for urban rehabilitation projects.
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Porto’s Urban Rehabilitation Areas (Portuguese acronym "ARU”) comprise:
  • Centro Histórico do Porto ARU
  • Campanhã - Estação ARU
  • Baixa ARU
  • Massarelos ARU
  • Lapa ARU
  • Bonfim ARU
  • Corujeira ARU
  • Lordelo do Ouro ARU
  • Foz Velha ARU
  • Azevedo ARU
Please contact us or visit Porto’s City Council Virtual Service Desk (in Portuguese only) for more information on each ARU in the Municipality of Porto and on tax incentives and other benefits for urban rehabilitation projects in Porto.

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Municipal Tax for Real Estate
Porto is one of the most competitive cities in Europe for investing in real estate.

The annual property tax rates (Portuguese acronym "IMI”), set by Porto’s City Council, have remained constant at 0.324% for urban properties and at 0.800% for others.
Local Business Tax
"Derrama Municipal” is the name of the local surtax levied on taxable corporate profits prior to the deduction of any available carryforward tax losses.

Companies registered in the Municipality of Porto with an annual turnover of less than € 150,000 benefit from a reduced local surtax rate set at 1%. Otherwise, the standard rate is set at 1.5%.
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