Municipal Incentives

Porto's Municipality provides various financial and fiscal incentives that increase the city's attractiveness for investments, both in national and in international terms.

Urban Rehabilitation Areas
Porto's City Council has delimited and defined the strategic program of a set of Urban Rehabilitation Areas, in order to respond to the need of requalification and revitalization of these territories, and to stimulate the qualification of the urban environment, the infrastructures’ improvement and the economic and social development of these areas.
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The strategic program is an essential instrument, since it defines concrete objectives, targets to be reached, and deadlines for its phased implementation, also determining a set of benefits and incentives for Urban Rehabilitation.

The Urban Rehabilitation Areas (URAs) of Porto include:
  • URA of Aliados;
  • URA of Bonfim;
  • URA of Campanhã-Estação;
  • URA of Cedofeita;
  • URA of the Historic Center of Porto;
  • URA da Lapa;
  • URA of Miragaia;
  • URA of Santos Pousada.
The URAs of Corujeira-Cerco do Porto, Lordelo do Ouro, and Foz Velha are still under study.

For more information, go to the City Council's Virtual Service.
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Municipal Tax for Real Estate
The Municipal Tax for Real Estate (Portuguese acronym - IMI), managed by the City Council, has been reduced 10% between 2016 and 2017, currently being 0,324% for Urban Buildings specified in the Municipal Tax Code for Real Estate (Portuguese acronym - CIMI) and 0,800% for the rest.
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With the current IMI value, Porto's Municipality is one of the most competitive and attractive Municipalities to live and invest in Portugal.
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Local Business Tax
Derrama is the a municipal tax on business profits that is levied on the taxable income of the exercise of legal persons, before deducting tax losses. For the year 2017, a reduction of the Derrama is applied to companies with a turnover of less than 150 thousand euros per year, with the tax standing at 1%.
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