Adding to incentives provided at the national, regional or municipal levels, the city of Porto provides more benefits through InvestPorto's services.

InvestPorto offers a number of custom services free of charge that can be provided before, during and after the investment process, such as:
  • A variety of studies related to business intelligence and to the analysis of different factors relevant for the investment decision (about aspects like availability of talent, analysis of costs both in absolute and in relative terms, benchmarking studies, information about infrastructures, investment opportunities, among others);
  • Interinstitucional coordination (with national and International entities, public and private) aiming at facilitating the investment process and at saving the investor’s time, through the organization of taskforces with the objective of agilization of processes, meeting, networking, etc.;
  • Providing specific location proposals, customized and adapted to the needs of each project or investor;
  • Support in filling spreadsheets and in terms of budgeting the investment;
  • Help at finding business opportunities and partners for different activities;
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