Your source of local support for investments in Porto.

At InvestPorto we help investors and companies take full advantage of Porto’s thriving business ecosystem and the region’s exceptional talent.

We are the key public promoter of domestic and foreign direct investment for the Municipality of Porto, focusing on:

#1 Promoting Porto.
as a competitive, innovative and talented city

#2 Winning investments
that add value to the local economy

#3 Supporting investors
in company set up, growth and repeat investments

InvestPorto was established in 2015 by Porto City Council as an operational division of the city’s Department of Economy.

Our overarching mission is to contribute for a favorable and competitive business environment in the city of Porto that drives further investment, innovation and local development.

We provide tailored support services to investors on a confidential basis and at zero cost, throughout all investment stages.

We give priority to investments that bring strategic value to Porto’s economy by creating qualified jobs, being innovative, introducing new capabilities, or making other relevant contributions to the region’s economic strength.

To deliver a seamless investment journey, our team coordinates its actions with all relevant City Council Departments and our extensive network of local, national and international partners.

360+ investment projects
supported by InvestPorto

1.1+ billion euros
we’ve helped invest

14,000+ jobs
we've helped create

As of Dec. 2019

We firmly believe in the advantages Porto has to offer, but we also recognize the fundamental importance of trust and delivery as a basis to develop strong professional relationships with investors we support and to keep improving the value of the services we provide.

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