InvestPorto has already helped hundreds of businesses locate to or expand in Porto.

We have grown alongside Porto’s investment boom. Since our establishment in 2015, we have provided support to over 360 private investment projects, which add up to a total investment value above 1.1 billion euros and more than 14,000 jobs created in the city.

360+ investment projects
supported by InvestPorto

1.1+ billion euros
we’ve helped invest

14,000+ jobs
we've helped create

As of Dec. 2019

Thus far, the impact these investments has been highly relevant for the city in terms of jobs, innovation, technology, urban renewal and their positive effect in the region’s competitiveness.

Number of investment projects supported by InvestPorto up to Nov. 2019

Porto’s appeal to investors and companies is growing and so is demand for our services. The growth in the number of foreign investment projects we support has been particularly strong, with over 200 international investors helped so far by InvestPorto.

59% Foreign Direct Investment
share in the number projects supported by InvestPorto

InvestPorto helps investors and companies from Portugal and around the world. 8 out of 10 investments we support come from Portugal or neighbouring European countries, mostly from France, the U.K., Germany, Spain and Switzerland. We also supported a number of projects belonging to overseas investors, mainly from the USA and Brazil.
Investments supported by InvestPorto by country of origin

Porto has become a very competitive location in a variety sectors and activities. Real Estate and Tourism are important parts of the received investments, but most investors we support choose Porto to run high-tech or knowledge intensive operations.

43% towards knowledge-intensive or high-tech sectors
share in the number projects supported by InvestPorto

Among the supported projects, we highlight the great importance of the ICT sector. The sector accounts for 1 out 3 projects we’ve helped so far, comprising operations that range from software development houses and tech/customer support centers, to advanced R&D units and startups.

Investments supported by InvestPorto by project sector/activity

Investments in Nearshore and Shared Services, Real Estate and Tourism are also very significant, as well as a number of operations in Advanced Manufacturing, New Mobility, Renewable Energy and Envirotech, Health and Life Sciences, Creative Tech and more.

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