InvestPorto, between its foundation in 2015 and June 2017, has supported a total of 154 projects, 75 of which are international, representing a total estimated investment value, highly undervalued, of about 250 million Euros. Also made more than three hundred and fifty business location proposals, in the same period.

These projects are particularly intensive in knowledge, consisting of large operations with high added value services that result in a lower initial investment (because they don't imply high initial fixed costs), but the impact is very relevant in terms of employment (direct and indirect) generated, technology and innovation that are developed, revenues from real estate (eg, with the rental of large office spaces or conversion of old factories and warehouses), and other potential effects.

Among the supported projects, we highlight the great importance of the ICT sector and the Nearshore and Shared Services sector, but also projects in the Agro-food, Real Estate, Tourism, and Health sectors.

The set of investments already implemented have created ca. 3,000 new jobs in the city, with 8,000 new jobs estimated to be added over the next two years.

Apart from these business contacts, InvestPorto has developed proactive actions, in particular with the organization of international missions, 9 in total: Macau and Shenzhen, China; Doha, Qatar; Jena, Germany; Tours, France; Luanda, Angola; Paris, France; New York City, USA; Ostrava, Brno and Prague, Czech Republic. It has also welcomed various outside missions of several entrepreneurs from different nations, among other economic diplomacy initiatives involving entities such as embassies, chambers of commerce and industry, and business associations.
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