At InvestPorto, we leverage our unrivaled connection with the city of Porto to provide tailored solutions for the investors we support.

Whether you are considering locating in Porto or looking for ways to grow or diversify your existing operations, InvestPorto is ready to cater to your needs throughout the full investment journey.

We provide custom assistance to corporate and individual investors both foreign and domestic, prioritizing support to investments that bring strategic value to Porto.

Investor support is provided free of charge while safeguarding the full confidentiality of private information exchanged with InvestPorto.

Our services fall into three main lines of action: investment attraction, investment aftercare and talent promotion.

InvestPorto’s investment attraction team provides pre-investment services that focus on promoting, winning and supporting new investments for the city of Porto.

Their activities range from building awareness of Porto’s advantages, helping decision-makers make their case for choosing the city, and supporting projects throughout the establishment stage.

> Information and local business intelligence
Find the critical information you need to make big decisions through our in-depth knowledge of the city and region of Porto:
  • Local sectoral trends
  • Workforce and skills
  • Investment incentives
  • Critical regulation
  • Going rates on property solutions
  • Custom information requests
> Support in business establishment
Welcome to Porto. We can help you with setting up your local operation:
  • Searching for a location
  • Support in obtaining licenses and permits
  • Recruitment tools and contacts
  • First introductions to local partners
  • Cross-cultural advice
  • Tailor-made solutions
> Inter-institutional cooperation
Benefit from InvestPorto’s direct cooperation with multiple high-level stakeholders. We can facilitate interactions with relevant partners in the public and private sector, such as:
  • Local, regional and national government entities
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Trade associations and chambers of commerce

InvestPorto’s aftercare team caters to the needs of established companies and investors, helping them consolidate and diversify their local footprint by providing a range of post-investment support services. 

> Tailored Networking
Get invited to local and international events tailored to your profile. Gain access to vital connections and new business opportunities.
> Support in business development
Put your feedback in the right hands and get assistance to grow your business in Porto:
  • Individual follow-up sessions
  • Property solutions for relocation or expansion
  • Ongoing support to inter-institutional cooperation
  • Custom solutions

InvestPorto’s Talent Office helps companies tap into Porto’s talent pool and promotes public initiatives that enhance the city’s ability to attract, retain and develop talent.

> Porto. for talent platform
Become a Portonaut! Porto. for talent is a free digital tool provided by InvestPorto, where employers can freely advertise job opportunities in Porto and where local and international talent can find career offers and soft-landing information about living in the city.
> Porto Talent Observatory
Get the latest insights into Porto’s regional talent pool. Porto Talent Observatory is developing an innovative upskilling solution to support talent management and decision-making using real-time job market data.
> Lifelong Career Guidance Program
We promote career counselling for everyone in Porto’s talent pool from the first day of school on. Porto’s new Lifelong Career Guidance Program is currently testing pilot projects that provide vocational guidance for primary school students and unemployed professionals in the city.
> Porto. Skills Academies
We are partnering with Porto’s education providers and employers to address the emerging digital skills gap. Porto Skills Academies' training program will bridge the gap by providing non-traditional paths for individuals to develop digital skills and rebuild their careers.

At InvestPorto, we strive to continuously enhance our service offering to investors and companies. Follow this link to learn more on about our service track-record and the type of investments we have supported thus far.

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