InvestPorto supports investors during all phases of the investment process, offering personalized services such as business intelligence; tailor-made assistance, including institutional coordination and internal simplification; and research of business partners, locations and investment opportunities.

Emphasis on business intelligence
InvestPorto places particular emphasis on business intelligence and on the swift provision of key reliable information needed to support an investment decision.

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For that purpose, there are available two platforms: 
  • the InvestPorto platform, containing information about the competitive advantages of the city, strategic sectors and investment opportunities, major city projects, existing successful cases, specific investment issues, amongst other; and

  • the Porto Business Location Platform, that provides real-time location options for investment.
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Facilitator and red tape costs reducer
InvestPorto positions itself as a facilitator and red tape costs reducer, by promoting coordination between the different departments and entities involved in each specific project - from the Municipality services up to external entities, either public or private, of a local, regional or national and, when appropriate, international scope.

Inter-institutional coordination at all levels
InvestPorto is known for its agility, having an experient, flexible and highly skilled team.

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Extends and enhances its capacity to act through inter-institutional coordination at all levels, with the support of a wide network of partnerships already formalized, that tend to grow. 

InvestPorto has already signed 31 partnership agreements with organizations representing more than 13,000 members, including more than 12,000 companies (under the umbrella of business associations, competitiveness poles and clusters), universities and institutes linked to knowledge, chambers of commerce and industry, and other reference public entities.

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