Creative Industries

The investments made in recent years in the creative industries have created a solid and broad infrastructure in Porto, an entrepreneurial city with creativity in its DNA.

These investments place the city at the forefront of this sector at the national level, especially in the sectors related to the production of consumer goods with a strong design component (design based consumer goods), namely in textiles and clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and jewelery.

Also the activities associated with the production, distribution and promotion of cultural and creative contents have played a key role in industry, essentially because of the city's recent investment in the preservation and enhancement of its cultural and tourist heritage.

Traditional Industries’ Exports is an Excellent Starting Point
The Northern Region is recognized internationally for the quality and capacity of its high export-oriented textile, clothing and footwear industries.

Economically speaking, traditional industries hold a relevant position within the region, representing a turnover of about 9000 million euros and a workforce of approximately 200,000 people employed.

Focus on the Exploration of Cultural Heritage
The existing cultural infrastructure network of the city is known for its quality and reputation, attracting general public, due to its prestigious programme, with a regular and adequate basis.
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The public finds in it a prestigious, regular and adequate programming. Infrastructures such as the Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música and the São João National Theatre are particularly noteworthy.

Creative industries appear side by side with cultural tourism, cultural marketing and the city’s urban regeneration, helping to a great extent the international projection of Porto’s Historical Centre.
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Quality and Creativity of Human Resources
Porto continues to invest on the qualification of human capital in support of creative industries, mostly in technological fields such as textile, clothing and footwear engineering.
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Considering other core areas such as the Fine Arts, Entertainment Arts, Audiovisual and Media Production, Design, Crafts, Marketing and Advertising, Architecture and Urbanism, about 1,700 students obtain their diploma each year.

Porto is well known for holding a pool of "creative people” endowed with the necessary entrepreneurial spirit, skills, information, knowledge and talent, which allow them to make the difference.

Sources: Direção-Geral de Estatísticas da Educação e Ciência.
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New Dynamics in Support of Entrepreneurship
Universities in the city of Porto have been providing key support to the creative industries through initiatives either linked to research and development or to the active promotion of new businesses, with the involvement of their students.
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The creation of incubators/business hubs by the University of Porto or the Portuguese Catholic University is of major importance.

Likewise, the Serralves Foundation has invested in creating adequate space to host new emerging businesses.
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Funding Instruments Currently Available
There is available an interesting set of funding instruments to support initiatives linked to the creative industries, ranging from specific lines under Portugal 2020 programme to venture capital, business angels and mutual guarantee funds, amongst others.
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  • Projects emphasising the articulation with R&D units and at the same time focusing on the evolution of specialized products (for instance, new fibres and composite fibres for innovative products or new textile applications, towards personalization and mass customization of clothing and fashion) are better position to benefit from Portugal 2020 funding. 
  • Projects aimed at developing new digital content and software services in partnership with existing R&D units have at their disposal some competitive financial incentives. 
  • Projects aimed at an effective knowledge transfer and improvement of R&D results, deriving from the collaboration between companies and R&D entities, may be eligible for support.
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