Porto is a city at the forefront of smart cities and the new digital era, both as the origin and location of top companies in the ICT field, as well as in internationally known R&D centers.

Porto is a key player in the EU sphere when it comes to digital economy…
The city of Porto has been consolidating and strengthening its position in the field of the digital economy – the fact that several key players from the information and communication technologies (ICT) are currently based in the city proves this position.

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Porto offers ICT resources with high maturity and critical mass, not only in terms of scientific and technological capacity but also in terms of innovation capacity and intervention of the players installed in the city.

The companies and R&D units based in the city have been playing a key role in the mobilisation of resources for R&D in the field of ICT. They have been revealing an increasing performance capacity in international markets, by developing successful projects in various fields, such as:
  • ICT fields;
  • Robotics and cognitive systems;
  • Internet and Future Networks;
  • Secure and trustworthy ICT;
  • ICT for energy efficiency;
  • ICT for Health;
  • ICT for transports and Internet of Things.
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Porto, a smart city…
Due to its excellent territorial coverage of broadband, Porto is now recognised as a smart city, committed to promoting the development and production of innovative urban solutions.

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The development of cohesive strategies aimed at improving urban management has benefited from the existence of digital platforms capable of building synergies between the main urban management vectors (mobility, environment, civil protection, economic development, culture, among others), with a strong focus on data access standardization, total interoperability between vertical applications, development of Open Data models and networking between cities.

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Open to the experimental use of technology …
The Portuguese people are known for having a high flexibility and adaptability to the experimental use of technology.

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Specifically, in Porto, investments have been made with a focus on the promotion of literacy and digital skills and inclusion – ultimately, the conditions are being set for the city to be seen as a real experimentation lab.

Due to the existing aptitude for adopting new technologies, people from Porto are often seen as natural "early adopters". Also, the sheer size of the city itself makes it likely to be seen as a "laboratory" suitable for the launch of new technologies.
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Like the best schools around Europe…
Porto’s higher education institutions have been internationally recognized for offering a standard of excellence in teaching and investing hard in trainings in the fields of sciences and engineering.

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Such solid training is driving the conception, specification, design and implementation of products, processes and services, building upon the use of computers, as well as computing and information technology (ICT). 

The acquisition of non-technical skills such as creative attitude, teamwork and leadership is also incentivised at these schools. 

Besides, students are encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and initiative, performing risk assessments and taking advantage of emerging opportunities.
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With the best electronic infrastructure to support Science and Technology...
Several city players, specifically the R&D units and the higher education institutions, rely on the existence of important distributed computing resources for scientific applications, and provide direct and open access to institutional repositories aimed at storing scientific information.

With financial and tax incentives for R&D and Innovation…
In addition to financial incentives within Portugal 2020, R&D+I projects may be eligible for tax incentives.

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The Tax Incentives Scheme for Business Research and Development II, in force from 2013 to 2020, aims to support the activities of Research and Development, related to the creation or improvement of a product, a process, a program or an equipment which present a substantial improvement and that do not result only from a simple use of the current state of existing techniques.

This tax benefit allows to recover up to 82.5% of investment in R&D activities held in the tax periods of 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2020, particularly in the case of the portion that has not benefited from any straight financial contribution by the State.
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