Porto Metro Area hosts some of the world’s leading mobility companies

The mobility industry is a significant driver of the Portuguese economy, representing a major share of exports and employment. Some of the best examples in the sector are located in the region of Porto.

Well Established Auto Cluster
Several entities are contributing to the sound development of the automobile sector in Porto and Portugal.
  • Large multinationals in the automobile sector, such as BMW, a Continental or Bosch, have located R&D, manufacturing and service operations in the city or the region.
  • Porto hosts many of Portugal’s most successful local companies and joint ventures in the sector, such as Salvador Caetano or Critical TechWorks.

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  • Many operate in across different areas, including ICT (including software, systems, green electronics and intelligent sensors), energy, natural resources and environment.
  • The city is home to leaders in the development of new technologies for auto manufacturing technology and adaptive production systems, such as Critical Software.

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High Know-How
Access know-how in multiple areas of the mobility industries. From emerging fields such as advanced production systems and autonomous driving to specialized textiles, rubber, cork, glass, moulding and plastic solutions.
  • Several R&D units are dedicated to sustainability and innovation issues within the automotive production process.

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  • From auto components – new means of transport, low-carbon, green, new fuels and new materials – to advanced technologies applied to the sector – ICT and electronics, optics and laser, robotics, automation and control.
  • CEIIA is a leading mobility-related research and innovation centre in Portugal, and it has provided engineering and product development services for clients such as BMW, VW, Jaguar, PSA, Siemens, and Embraer. 

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Highly Specialized in Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering
Portugal is internationally recognized for the high quality of its maintenance and engineering services in the Aerospace sector.
  • The sector in the region has benefited from the presence in Portugal of large companies offering maintenance and aeronautical engineering services, as well as some of the the world´s largest aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus Group and Embraer.

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  • Porto offers scientific, technical and market expertise in the automotive and aerospace industries, with noteworthy research institutes such as CEIIA and INEGI, and also support skills in other areas linked to mobility such as Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology.
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Available Funding and Incentives
R&D+I projects can benefit from Portugal 2020 financial incentives and are also eligible for tax incentives.

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  • The tax benefits granted by SIFIDE II provide support to R&D activities related to the creation or improvement of a product, process, program or equipment that represents a substantial improvement of existing techniques. It allows to recover up to 82.5% of investments in R&D activities that did not benefit from any State grant.
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