You can find in Porto a reliable partner to your businesses.

The city provides a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business offering high levels of personal security, political, social and economic stability in addition to a trustworthy legal system, a capable public administration and a reliable energy supply system.

Porto was considered the 3rd Best City to Invest in Southern Europe, by the Financial Times [2014-15].

Competitive Costs
Competitive Wages By European Standards

With an annual average of 1.868 hours worked per worker, according to OECD stats, Portugal positions itself as one of the hardest working countries in Europe.

In addition to being dedicated and hard-working, you can find a skilled and well-educated workforce at a fraction of the cost of those in western economies.

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Competitive Office Costs
  • Porto is a very cost-competitive location in terms of office rent.
  • According to Confidencial Imobiliário (2016), it is possible to rent an office in Porto for 9.70 EUR/sq.m/mth.

Corporate Income Tax Reform
  • The Corporate Income Tax in Portugal has been decreasing significantly, currently standing at 21%.
  • According to KPMG data on Corporate Tax Rates around the world, in 2016, the Corporate Income Tax in Portugal (21.00%) is lower than the European Union average (22.09%), as can be seen in the following table:
Location 2016
 France 33,30%
 Germany 29,72%
 Greece 29,00%
 Italy 31,40%
 Netherlands 25,00%
 Portugal 21,00%
 Spain 25,00%
 United Kingdom 20,00%
 EU average 22,09%
 OECD average 24,85%
 Global average 23,63%

Attractive Cost of Living

  • Porto is one of the most affordable cities in Western Europe.
  • Portugal is the 18th most competitive country concerning the cost of living, among 59 economies.
Sources: OECD; IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014; KPMG.
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Business Friendly
  • Portugal ranks 25th among 190 world economies in the Ease of Doing Business Report.

  • Portugal is the 46th most competitive country, among 140 economies, according to the World Economic Forum.
  • In 2016, the rating agency Fitch maintained the city of Porto's rating in BB+ for long-term debt and in B for short-term debt, with stable Outlook.
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  • Doing business is easy and increasingly less expensive.
  • It takes just 46 minutes to set up a company and 1 day to register a property.
  • Portugal is placed best in the world for trading across borders and seventh best for resolving insolvency.
  • Major public services are on-line.
  • Portugal is considered a case study in e-Government, by the United Nations.
  • Porto offers a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business.
  • A city open to foreign cultures, that excels at integrating immigrants.
Sources: World Bank; World Economic Forum - The Competitiveness Report 2016-2017.
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Stable and Predictable Economy
  • Projected economic growth between 1,2% and 1,7% for the forthcoming years.
  • Great pool of human resources available - over 26% of Portuguese under 25 years are unemployed.
  • One of the lowest inflation rates in the Eurozone.
  • Remarkable exports performance – today account to 40% of national output compared with 27% in 2009.
Sources: World Bank; Statistics Portugal.
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