With world-class infrastructure, Porto ensures accessibility to all parts of the world, an reliable energy system and an excellent telecommunications network.

Excellent Urban Transport Hub
The intermodal system of Porto includes all network operated by STCP, Metro do Porto and CP, and other lines from private operators.

Within the city, the public transport service is provided mainly by bus and metro. In order to use a public transport it is required a special ticket, the "Andante", which can be used in any of the lines of the operators that have joined the intermodal system.
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With CP there are international connections to Vigo. Porto is served by two main stations: Campanhã station (for international connections and to Lisbon, besides serving the regions of Douro, Minho and Centro); S. Bento station (for regional and Galicia links, also serving regions of the Douro and Minho, as well as the areas of Aveiro and Coimbra).
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Digital Infrastructure
Highly sophisticated market with an excellent infrastructure and a competitive industry.
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  • Excellent telecom network with high levels of investment in R&D, accessibility and connectivity.

  • One of the best fiber optic network in Europe.

  • Several hotspots scattered around the city.

  • Largest network of buses with wifi in the world.

  • Latest communication technologies are widely available.

  • According to IMD, Portuguese communications technology meets business needs - ranks 14th out of 60 countries.

  • Portugal ranks 13th in the world in the Global Competitiveness Report, in terms of internet bandwidth speed.

  • Open, safe and reliable environment for web development and innovation. 

  • Internet access for all - privacy protection and freedom for web users without any commercial or political discrimination.

  • Portuguese are early adopters of technologies, some examples:

    • the first to have a pre-paid mobile card;

    • pioneer in electronic tool system (Via Verde);

    • leading ATM network - is the most functional network in Europe, allows to perform several operations (buy cinema tickets, train tickets, pay taxes, etc.).

  • Portugal is a United Nations case study in e-Government.

    Sources: World Economic Forum - Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017; IMD - World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014.
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Excellent Road Network
Porto’s land transportation network is among the most efficient in the world.

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According to the World Economic Forum:
  • The country's quality of the roads networks is the 8th best in the world;
  • Portugal is the 16th country in the world, in terms of infrastrutures.
Sources: World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017.
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Award Winner Airport
Connected worldwide - flights to 80 regular destinations, including the main business centres.

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About 9.4 million passengers in 2016 flew to Porto.

Distinguished as one of the Best European Airports by Airports Council International – awarded every year since 2006 and elected Best European Airport in 2007 and 2016 (in the category of 5-15 million passengers per year).

Portugal’s quality of air transport infrastrutures is considered the 28th best in the world.

Sources: Airports Council International; World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017; ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, 2017.
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Highly Eficient Port
Port of Leixões is one of the largest ports on the Iberian Peninsula and on the Atlantic Coast.

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  • Handles more than 18 million tons of cargo per year, representing 20% of Portuguese international trade.
  • National leader in Ro-Ro traffic.
  • Exports to over 180 countries.
  • JUP – a one-stop-shop for traders - provides highly efficient and competitive services through a technologic advanced platform.
  • New cruise terminal - shortlisted ‘Best Port of the Year’ on the 2015 Seatrade Cruise Awards.
  • Efficient logistics platform - two logistics centres located just outside the Port, where modular and integral logistics warehouses are being developed.
  • Portugal has one of the world’s best logistics infrastructures, according to the World Bank.
Sources: World Bank - International Logistics Performance Index 2016.
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Portugal is among the highest performers in the world regarding the reliability of its energy supply (above OECD average).
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  • Energy policy committed to environmental sustainability and safety.

  • Strong investments in R&D led to the development of innovative projects and solutions: 
    • 2nd biggest wind farm in Europe;
    • world's biggest photovoltaic panel in urban area;
    • national network of eletric mobility;
    • management system of inteligent mobility;
    • smart eletric networks (smart grids);
    • pilot areas for the development of offshore energy (from the wind and the waves).

  • In 2015, 55% of Portugal's electricity generation came from renewable sources.

  • Portugal is one of the best countries in the world in terms of environmental performance.
Sources: APREN; World Economic Forum - Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017; Yale University - Environmental Performance Index 2016.
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Infrastructure. Did you know that...
  • Porto has one of the best metro systems in the world?
    Metro do Porto was awarded the Light Rail Award 2008, a prize given by the International Union of Public Transports for the creativity and design of light subways systems throughout the world.

    The prize highlighted the quality of urban, environmental and landscaping integration of the system.

    Metro do Porto was also awarded with Veronica Rudge Green Prize, one of the most important design international awards dedicated to urban design.

    The prize went to Metro do Porto and to the Pritzker Prize laureate architect Eduardo Souto Moura, from the Porto School of Architecture.
  • Porto has the best airport in Europe and the third best in the world?
    After being recognized as the best airport in Europe in the category up to 5 million passengers, Porto Airport won the title of best European airport and third best in the world, in an exclusive survey of the association of consumer protection DECO in October 2016.
  • Porto has a new and magnificent cruise ship terminal?
    Leixões is a large port on the Iberian Peninsula and on the Atlantic coast, with a sizable growth in movement.

    With the new cruise ship terminal, the Port of Leixões received 85 ships and more than 78 thousand passengers, in 2015.
  • Portugal will host the next editions of the Web Summit?
    The Web Summit, one of the biggest and most influential events for entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in the world, has chosen Portugal because of its modern infrastructures and the quality of the internet, among other reasons.
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