Porto is a global talent hub

In Porto you can find a highly educated, multilingual, multicultural, flexible, open, and committed workforce that is well suited to the challenges of todays's knowledge-based economy. Porto's workforce is underpinned by a world-class education system and attracts students and researchers from all over the world.

Available Human Resources
  • More than 180,000 students are enrolled in higher education institutions in Porto’s macro-region1
  • Out of these students, around 56,700 are STEM2 students
  • Over 26,300 foreign students from 175 countries are enrolled in higher education institutions in Porto’s macro-region
  • There are around 38,500 graduates per year in Porto’s macro-region
  • Porto Metropolitan Area is home to 62 higher education institutions
1 Northern Region plus a part of the Center Region (comprising Aveiro, Coimbra and Viseu districts)
2 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

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  • University of Porto:
    • best university in Portugal in multiple rankings
    • largest science producer in Portugal
    • classified among Top 100 best Universities in the EU
    • more than 32,000 students, 14 faculties and one business school

  • Porto Polytechnic:
    • largest and most prestigious polytechnic institute in Portugal
    • more than 18,000 students and 8 schools
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Highly Qualified
  • In Porto, 27% of the population has a higher education degree
  • According to Eurostat, Portugal is the 2nd country in Europe with the highest rate of engineering graduates
  • According to IMD, Portugal is the 8th country in the world in skilled labour

  • 72% of Portuguese population (18-64 years old) speak at least one foreign language
  • According to IMD, Portugal is the 5th country in the world in language skills
  • English, French, and Spanish are widely spoken

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