The startup world in Porto spreads further
11 Abril 2019
The startup world in Porto spreads further

The Founders House is a 1300 m² house in Porto city centre and it houses a co-working space in Porto that helps boost startups. "Building momentum, everyday" is not just a sentence one can read when visiting Founders Founders 'website. The association is looking at a way to help businesses get faster than they could individually, by starting a business venture programme, from Porto to the rest of the country. 

The unmatched energy in the startup world in Porto can only be spread further, so the next stops are Barcelos and Lisbon, as "the former is one of the main industrialised cities in Portugal and we want to create a closer connection with the latter", declared the organisation.

"This will not only help boost economy but also make knowledge circulate and enable productive development for the country, as well as changing the economy of several regions in Portugal, in partnership with the municipalities", according to Founders Founders.

The association was founded in Porto in 2015 and it will open its second residency in Lisbon until the first half of 2019.

 "The idea is not to create an incubator where there are no projects to develop. The first requirement is growth that should be generated so that demand can be stimulated. And then you create the space", stated Rui Santos Couto, one of the five founders of the startup association.

After three years, Founders Founders has incubated 15 startups, which have raised a total of 12 million euros for investment purposes. 
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