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42 Porto trains 300 programmers

With 300 students, more than 9300 candidates, an average age of 28, and 31% foreign students, 42 Porto just celebrated its first anniversary.

42 Porto trains 300 programmers
ECO · 18 Jul 2023
"The need for professionals with this type of technology skills is growing and increasingly transversal to all industries", begins by telling ECO/Local Online the director of the 42 programming school in Portugal, Pedro Santa Clara, a year after the official opening of this campus in Porto. And it involves an annual investment of one million euros to put this innovative learning model into practice, with "significant impact on the region by contributing more talent, and generating more jobs and wealth".

In this first year, 300 students studied at 42 Porto, 31% of them of foreign nationality - from ten countries -, aged around 28.

Considered "one of the best and most innovative in the world in the area of programming and with 46 campuses around the world", this school, which started in Paris, is installed in a space provided by the company Critical Techworks, in the city centre of Porto.

The teaching is based on a learning model "opposite to the traditional one, where there are no teachers, no classes, no timetables and students learn through a digital platform", describes Pedro Santa Clara. "Each one develops teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, determination, autonomy and resilience."

The school offers an "innovative method" that encourages learning without the traditional classroom format, timetables and teachers. "The students took responsibility for their own learning and developed skills together with their peers, outside the traditional classroom," says Beatriz Cardoso Fernandes, director of the Porto school.

Access to the school does not require an academic background or experience in programming. At the end of the three-year course, students will have developed skills in technology and will be able to enter the labour market.

The 42 programme is 100% free, with tuition fees paid by patrons such as founding partners Critical TechWorks and Teya, as well as Amorim, BA Glass, Ecosteel, Porto City Council, Sodecia, Sogrape, Sonae, Prozis, Vicaima, and João Nuno Macedo Silva.