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Ascendi opens premises in the former Litografia Lusitana

Ascendi opens premises in the former Litografia Lusitana
04 Nov 2021
Ascendi, the freeway concessionaire, has just opened its new facilities in the Boavista area, in the former premises of Litografia Lusitana. With a gross area of 4,122 m2, the space will have a customer service point, and from now on it will be possible for customers to schedule their attendance to avoid waiting times.

Present at the door opening, the Vice President of Porto City Council emphasized that "Ascendi chose not only to come to Porto, but also to rehabilitate a space that has its history in the city, and that fills us with pride". For Filipe Araújo, the focus on the sustainability of the space and the environmental perspective brings even more value to the rehabilitation.

"We are extremely happy to be seeing today a building like this rehabilitated, with these conditions and occupied with hundreds of workers who have already been here for a few days and who will certainly contribute a lot to liven up this part of the city", he adds.

Designed by architect André Costa de Almeida, the building of Ascendi's new headquarters "was developed thinking especially about people so that everyone is connected and in such a way that the circulation of information crosses the entire space, without barriers and with transparency”.

Outside, the attention was for pedestrian flows and for the permeability of the space, where there are now green areas of watered meadow, shrub, and tree strata. The intention was to reduce the paved areas, diluting them in green areas occupied by resistant species adapted to the surrounding conditions.

In a statement, the concessionaire states that the new facilities "will foster a new working dynamic and the adoption of more agile methodologies".

The president of Ascendi's Executive Board, Luís Silva Santos, has no doubt that "we decided that the best thing was to centralize everything in one place, in the city. It was in this building, in the old Litografia Lusitana, that we visualized this possibility, and it is with special satisfaction that we are now installed here, only two and a half years after our first visit to this location”.