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Blip continues to grow and will hire more than a hundred new employees

Blip continues to grow and will hire more than a hundred new employees
Porto. · 22 Apr 2022
To respond to a growth rate of around 50%, Blip is focused on hiring more than a hundred workers by the end of the year. The profiles sought are mostly back-end engineers and delivery managers, but there are also vacancies for mobile, front-end and developers.

The information was shared by the general director of the company in an interview to TSF. Sara Sousa began by recalling that, when it was born in 2009, Blip, incubated at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, "started with only three people and, at that time, it was a 100% Portuguese company that made software for other companies".

In 2012, it was acquired by the group formed by Paddy Power and Betfair, Flutter Entertainment, listed on the London Stock Exchange, and today it is responsible for the technological management support to the more than 70 million transactions that the multinational, specialised in online betting, records every day.

In 2016, it moved its headquarters to Bonfim with the support of the Porto City Council, within the municipal strategy of urban rehabilitation and job creation in the eastern part of the city.

Currently employing 420 people, Blip assumes that "our biggest goal is growth". With that process already started, the tech company admits it needs to capture talent. "We will reach 575 workers at least by the end of the year", says Sara Sousa.

All the software produced in Portugal is for export and the applications developed already have more than ten million users. Therefore, admits the technologic general director, "we have very important challenges of scale and, perhaps, uncommon in the national market, considering the applications we develop, which is very interesting for the people who work with us".

Sara Sousa explains that "the Flutter group does internationalisation autonomously" and, therefore, Blip "will not grow to other countries, but it will grow this year, and over the next few years, here in Portugal, which is our main focus".

With a flexible policy regarding the location of workers, the technology "allows them to work 100% from home and come to the office only once each quarter, which is also co-financed by the company".

Blip is often on lists of the best companies to work for in Portugal; in 2017, it was even recognised by the British government with the "Overseas Direct Investment Award" for its contributions to the commercial relationship between Portugal and the United Kingdom.