Campanhã’s Intermodal Terminal project already has a winner
10 February 2017
Campanhã’s Intermodal Terminal project already has a winner
One more step was taken with the aim of launching one of the most important and decisive works for the development of the Eastern part of the city and for the mobility of the whole city, since the jury of the public bid, launched in August 2016 by the City Council of Porto, announced the winning proposal for the design of Campanhã’s Intermodal Terminal.

During the public ceremony, that took place at the headquarters of the municipal company of public works (GOP), 22 competing proposals were identified by their entry number in the bid, and their classification was announced. The president of the jury highlighted the high quality and diversity of the proposals, in a procedure that attracted some of the best architecture offices in the country.

The proposal presented by the Portuguese architect Nuno Brandão Costa was the winner of the bid, because of the way it values the users space in the future station, among other reasons. The project, which will "allow effective, comfortable and secure interconnection between the different modes of transport, thereby promoting the concept of intermodality in the transport system", has an implementation value of 6.36 million euros, thus below the limit of 6.4 million euros that was set by the Municipality.

After 14 years, Campanhã’s Intermodal Terminal, included in the Urban Rehabilitation Area of Campanhã-Estação, will thus finally come to life. The infrastructure will complete the intermodality of Campanhã’s Station, which already has train and metro lines, gaining now the bus terminal. The work is expected to start in 2018 and be completed within an estimated deadline 18 months.

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