InvestPorto reinforces strategy with new services to the investor
16 May 2018
InvestPorto reinforces strategy with new services to the investor
On May 16th, the Porto City Council welcomed the presentation "Challenges of the New Economy in the City”, organised by InvestPorto.

Ricardo Valente, Councillor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce, exposed, within the current economy, that companies "first select the place” where they intend to settle themselves; a choice weighed according to aspects such as "good quality of life, the presence of good infrastructures, a safe environment open to innovation, as well as the availability of talent and the strengthen of the ecosystem of innovation”.

The city is "culturally strong, with a solid commercial and touristic dynamic, with an acknowledged identity, which facilitates the attraction of talent and investment”. In this reality, stimulating the "diversification of economy” and the local and regional competitiveness, InvestPorto intends to increasingly turn the city into a "live laboratory of technologies and experiences, cosmopolitan and open to the world, to new communities of knowledge and people”. That is to say, "Porto which is a city that works” – concluded the Councillor.

"The city that works” is the new signature of InvestPorto, the municipal entity, developed with several partners, which concentrates resources and competences in the area of attraction of investment to the city. In it, there is the reflection of the new proposal of value for a structure which adjusts itself to the challenges of the new economy, presenting two services: to the continuous gathering for national and foreign investment, two areas are added, namely that of follow-up to the projects and businesses which have already installed themselves (Aftercare service) and that of Talent management.

Since it was created, in 2015, InvestPorto accompanied the settlement, within the city, of more than 200 investment projects, with the potential to create 13.500 workstations. Following the numbers one can see the power of attractiveness which currently defines Porto, "the city that works” – it is with this signature that the municipal office now presents its new image, with new services, as an answer to the new challenges of global and local economy.
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