09 August 2021
Natixis Portugal “wants your brain”. Bank aims to hire more than 400 people

Natixis Portugal's recruitment plan for this year is ambitious: hiring more than 400 employees in the areas of Banking, Finance, Economics, Management, Law and Information Technology. To reach the best talents, the investment bank is promoting an employer branding campaign under the motto "We Want Your Brain".

The creative concept was developed by the agency Legendary People + Ideas and aims to respond to the challenge launched by the Portuguese division of the French bank. As explained in a statement, Natixis wanted a campaign that would allow it to reach the best and most demanding professionals.

"From the outset, the culture of Natixis in Portugal has distinguished itself for being more similar to the spirit of a startup than a company in the banking sector. Our mission is to transform traditional banking by developing innovative solutions for Natixis around the world, so it was essential for us to bet on a disruptive campaign that would illustrate who we really are and what new talents who join our team can expect. The truth is that we really want the best brains, those who share our mindset, the desire to learn and go further", says Nádia Leal Cruz, Communication and Marketing Manager at Natixis in Portugal.

The campaign also involves a microsite where candidates can learn about the bank's culture through testimonials from current employees. If interested, they can also submit their application for one of the vacancies available.

The campaign will be publicized on digital platforms, namely Instagram and LinkedIn – Legendary has been working on these two Natixis social networks since 2019.

Diogo Pinheiro, Managing Partner of Legendary, believes that this is another project that reflects the essence of the agency: "Creativity combined with performance. We intend to show our ability to achieve tangible results in highly demanding sectors, which can (and should) also take part on a creative strategy and take risks in lighter tones of communication, detached from the institutional sphere."

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