28 May 2020
New challenges and reinvention of the local economy is the theme of the last webinar in which Rui Moreira participates. It happens tomorrow at 10 am.

Tomorrow the cycle of five webinars "Economy of the city of Porto", promoted by the municipality, will end. In the closing session, scheduled for 10 am on Friday, the invited speakers will identify the new challenges facing the local economy, which will necessarily have to be reinvented in the post-pandemic. The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, spoke at the beginning of the session. But today the penultimate webinar, dedicated to the trade sector, still takes place at 6.30 pm. Participation is free, but requires prior registration.

In the last session of this cycle of online debates - which has already addressed topics such as fiscal and financing measures, the role of technology in this period of crisis, tourism and the positioning of Porto as a security destination, and which this Thursday looks at commerce sector and the future reality of business - the objective is to synthesize the concerns and challenges, transversal to all sectors of activity, in an empirical approach that promotes ways and solutions for the reinvention of the local economy. 

When opening the webinar, it will be up to Deloitte's consulting leader, Sérgio Lee, to launch the debate from a macro perspective, identifying the global challenges to recovery.

The Mayor of Porto will be the first speaker invited to speak on the panel. "Porto as the source of national recovery" is the theme chosen by Rui Moreira to reflect on how the city can be an example and contribution to leverage the economy again.

From the IT (information technology) sector, there are examples of success and overcoming, which participants will be able to know through João Lima Pinto, CEO of a company specialized in credit software.

Also participating in this last session is the president of AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal, Luís Miguel Ribeiro, who will focus his intervention on opportunities and new business models. 

Finally, the "Critical success factors for recovery - and the role of Local Government" will be analyzed by expert Miguel Eiras Antunes, Public Sector leader Portugal & Global Cities leader. At the end, participants will be able to ask questions of the panel's guests.

Participation is free and registration can be done HERE.

Today there is a webinar on Commerce, at 6.30 pm. 

If there is a sector where the business paradigm will change permanently, it is trade. From traditional commerce, retail, commercial surfaces and online commerce, everyone will have to adapt their business models to the new reality and the new profile of the consumer. In this sense, the webinar brings together a set of players from the sector to discuss business reinvention, consumer confidence and the challenge of e-commerce, among other topics.

The moderation will be in charge of Pedro Quintela, Sales General Manager, Viagens Abreu, S.A.

You still have time to watch, and you can sign up through this link.

Discover the full agenda of the cycle "Economy of the city of Porto": 

1. Tax and Financing Measures

May 19th - 10 am

2. tech4Covid

May 21st - 10 am

3. Tourism - How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?

May 26th - 6.30 pm

4. Trade - The 'future' reality of business

May 28th - 6.30 pm

5. New Challenges and reinvention of the local economy

May 29th - 10 am


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