11 September 2020
Porto Airport is the 7th most profitable for Ryanair
Diário dos Açores
Porto airport is among the ten most profitable airports for the low-cost airline Ryanair, according to data collected in April 2019 by the RDC Apex platform.

In this 'ranking', Porto airport is placed as the seventh most profitable airport for Ryanair's operations.

According to this data, Francisco Sá Carneiro airport generated a total of 73.2 million euros for Ryanair, offset by a total of around 215.15 million euros in costs, at figures reported in April 2019

The profit margin obtained by Ryanair in the period under analysis at the Porto airport amounted to 25.36%.

In the aforementioned ranking, the most profitable airports scheduled by Ryanair are Dublin airports (146.3 million profits, 17.5% profit margin), Brussels South - Charleroi (105.17 million euros, 27, 61%), Alicante (95.13 million euros, 25.02%), 27.61%), Palma de Mallorca (88.42 million euros, 18.85%), Milan - Orio Al Serio (83, 67 million euros, 14.14%) and London-Stansted (81.38 million euros, 7.25%).

Next to Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, among the most profitable airports operated by Ryanair are Malaga airports (65.62 million euros in profits, 16.87% profit margin), Tenerife South (59.85 million euros, 24.19%), and Manchester International (59.46 million euros, 17.65%).

The ten most profitable airports for Ryanair's activity generated an estimated profitability of upwards 920 million euros in the calendar year concluded in March 2020, said the RDC Apex platform.
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