03 September 2020
Porto City Council will rehabilitate property in Carlos Alberto for affordable rental
The municipal affordable rental program continues its bed in the city center at Carlos Alberto block. Where a building belonging to the municipal company Porto Vivo, SRU will give way to three more housing fractions, after rehabilitation works.

The public tender for the "Rehabilitation of Parcel 14 of Carlos Alberto Block", launched in August, accepts proposals for the execution of the contract until October 8th.

This operation, located next to the Carlos Alberto Theater, at the confluence of Sá Noronha Street with das Oliveiras Street (Sá Noronha Street 149-153), specifically covers the rehabilitation of a building with a total area of ​​approximately 200 square meters, which will result in the availability of three T0 houses, to integrate the municipal accessible rental program, and also the constitution of a commercial fraction on the ground floor.

The architectural project, prepared by Porto Vivo, SRU, ensures the rehabilitation of the main constructive elements of the building, with full maintenance of its patrimonial value, valued and adapted to a modern experience.

The availability of houses in the center of the city, especially for young families, has already resulted in the delivery of the first keys in Morro da Sé to new residents, an area where the Municipality of Porto continues the program, with yet another rehabilitation operation on the agenda.

The base price of the public tender (published in the 2nd Series of the
 Gazette of the Portuguese Republic No. 157/2020, on August 13th) for the "Rehabilitation of Parcel 14 of Carlos Alberto Block", is 225 thousand euros. When the winner is determined, the estimated deadline for completion of the work is 240 days.
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