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Porto com Sentido wants to rent up to 500 properties with the launch of a new public tender

Porto com Sentido wants to rent up to 500 properties with the launch of a new public tender
02 Mar 2021
Porto Vivo, SRU has just launched the second public consultation, for leases under the municipal program Porto com Sentido. The aim is to rent up to 500 one-bedroom to four-bedroom properties, with gross area over 52 sq. mt., throughout the city.

The general conditions of the Porto com Sentido program, approved by the Municipal Assembly at the end of last year, made it possible to introduce novelties in view of the 2020 competition, immediately giving rise to the possibility of leasing fires that require small works, up to a limit of 100 properties in these conditions. For this, the interventions must be carried out within a maximum period of one year, and the municipality is available to pay in advance up to one year of rents to carry them out.

The contest establishes two-bedroom as the most desirable properties, without also discarding one-bedroom, thus seeking to increase the supply of housing, with intermediate rents, aimed at the predominant households. Therefore, new maximum values ​​were set for rents, with a significant increase for the two-bedroom and higher, in order to make the program more attractive for owners who still show some hesitation.

The possibility for the municipal company Porto Vivo, SRU to ensure, under the terms of the program, the ordinary maintenance of the properties and manage the condominium, when the buildings are delivered in their entirety - as long as they have, at most, up to four floors and eight fractions - is another of the novelties introduced to attract more interested parties to the contest.

It should be remembered that landlords who join Porto com Sentido benefit from total exemption from Tax or Corporate Tax on property income from properties submitted to the program, in the case of five-year contracts, with Municipal Property Tax exemption also being applied during the entire period of the contract. contract.

The application must be submitted digitally, on the program's platform, where interested parties also find a simulator that allows them to know the maximum income they can obtain from their properties. After registering the owner on the platform, they will be able to fill out the electronic application form and add the requested documentation, in digital format - a simple and quick process.

This second public tender for hiring leases runs until November 30th, 2021.

For any further clarification, Porto Vivo, SRU recommends remote channels, either email ( or telephone (222 072 700 | 930 412 895).