Porto has now a place dedicated to innovation
07 December 2016
Porto has now a place dedicated to innovation
Porto has now a space dedicated to innovation, the Porto Innovation Hub, located right next to the City Council, in the post office building and, over the next three months, it will host companies' exhibitions, debates and workshops, aiming to get innovation closer to the citizens.

Rui Moreira, the Mayor of Porto, was present at the opening and said that "innovation is not just technology and it is fundamental that our city develops with the contribution of everyone". He also reminded that the creation of this space was a proposal of Filipe Araújo, current City Councillor for the Innovation and Environment, as part of the programme of his candidacy, three years ago.

Filipe Araújo said that this space was designed by a company from Porto, Fahr 0213, and explained that it is divided into three rooms - a permanent exhibition, a temporary exhibition and an auditorium. The first room is, according to the City Concillor, "a trip throughout the innovative Porto" that materializes in an interactive video, produced by Gema Digital, with several creative projects, spread throughout the city. The main exhibition, dedicated to the landscape architecture of the city park, is visible in the center of the room. And the meeting room can be used free of charge, by prior appointment, by all citizens, companies and institutions that "want to meet with their clients in a different place", as reported by Filipe Araújo.

With this space, innovation is now closer to the citizens and works as a transforming agent of the city, as it offers a living laboratory to strengthen the ecosystem of innovation and creativity.
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