Porto will have 270 more beds for university students
21 January 2022
Porto will have 270 more beds for university students

The Municipality and the University of Porto advance with different projects for three new university residences, which will provide to the city 270 more beds for students. The first, in the historic center, will be operating in the next academic year.

A new residence for students will be built in the renovated facilities of the old Sé Social Center, on Rua da Bainharia. The space, lent and renovated by the City Council, will provide about 20 beds to students in the city already at the beginning of the next school year.

The agreement is now closed and comes under a pilot project of shared management of student residences established between the Municipality, the Academic Federation of Porto and the University of Porto.

Municipality and University of Porto evaluate a joint application to the RRP for financing the residences

Joint applications between the Municipality and the University of Porto to the Resilience and Recovery Plan (RRP) are also being studied, which may allow the mobilization of EU funds for the construction in partnership of two more residences in the city: in Morro da Sé (Historical Center), where a construction area of 6750m2 and an estimated investment of about 7 million euros are being planned; and in Monte Pedral (Constitution), where the construction area will be around 5000m2 and the investment will be between 6 and 6.5 million euros. These structures will accommodate about two hundred students in areas of the city that have easy access and several public transportation options.

The applications were earlier this week the subject of analysis at a meeting sponsored by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, with the rector of the University of Porto, António Sousa Pereira. The meeting was also attended by the Porto City Councillor for Education, Catarina Araújo, the Porto City Councillor for Urbanism, Pedro Baganha, and the Chief of Staff, Vasco Ribeiro. The University of Porto was also represented by the vice-rector, José Castro Lopes, and by the pro-rector, Pedro Alves Costa.

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