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Porto with 84 new hotels planned, the majority in the historic center

Porto with 84 new hotels planned, the majority in the historic center
Público · 31 Aug 2020
Porto City Council has 98 licensing processes underway for new tourist developments, 84 of which are hotels, this will allow for an 84% increase in the hotel offer in the city, especially in the historic center. According to the statistical bulletin of July 2020, in the first semester of 2020, the bet on the hotel sector remains, with 111 licensing processes for tourism enterprises taking place, of which 88% are destined. to new units.

According to the City Council, the 98 processes for new tourist developments are in different stages of processing: 23% in progress, 29% with an approved architectural project, 9% with a final decision, in the remaining 39% the deadline for the works permit. Of the 98 licensing processes, 84 relate to hotels, 13 to tourist apartments, and only one to residential tourism.

Based on the collected data, it is also concluded that 86% of the processes are for hotels, adding 92% of the total expected capacity, with the focus on mainly four-star (52%) and five-star (19) units %), representing 82% of the new hotel units planned in the city. The document that aims to monitor and characterize the licensing of tourist developments, documenting the prospect of growth in supply in the city, also states that these projects may represent an estimated investment of almost 193 million euros.

According to the data provided in the July bulletin, the implementation of ongoing processes for new tourist developments will allow an increase of 84% in the hotel offer in the city, from 117 to 215 units. The accommodation capacity will increase from the current 13,761 to 21,488 beds, representing an increase of 56%.

The data shows that the hotels in the highest segment are those with the highest growth: five stars (133%) and four stars (119%). Also noteworthy are the one-star units, with an expected growth of 75%. The same is true of the capacity of these units, with expected increases of 74% in four-star hotels and 49% in five-star hotels, while one-star hotels may experience an increase of 45%.

The new tourist developments increase the offer, with a special focus on the parishes of Santo Ildefonso (33%), Cedofeita (12%), Bonfim (11%), and Sé (11%), which represent 67% of the total of new hotels planned. In Aldoar, there is neither, nor is it planned, any tourist development.

In the city center, these new developments are located essentially in Aliados (six), on the streets of Gonçalo Cristóvão (six), Bonjardim (five), Santa Catarina (four), in addition to Praça de D. João I ( three), Rua do Infante D. Henrique (three), and finally, streets of Alexandre Herculano, Duque de Loulé, Entreparedes, Flores, Monchique and S. João with two developments each. These streets may concentrate 40% of the total hotel offer planned for the city.