Affordable Housing
25 August 2020
Public tender in progress for affordable rents in Porto
The Porto municipality has set a goal of including in the rental market, by 2022, a total of one thousand properties that are currently earmarked for local accommodation, which will involve an investment of more than four million euros that will be realized through the Porto program with Sense. The first public tender for properties with a view to placing them on the affordable rental market has already started and will run until December 2020.

As explained by the municipality, every ten applications or monthly, a selection will be made of the houses that will be immediately put up for tender for subleasing to affordable rents.

Parallel to the Porto com Sentido program, the municipality continues to invest in the rehabilitation of the historic center and recently launched the public tender for a new phase of rehabilitation at Morro da Sé. This operation, located in the historic center of the city of Porto, at the confluence of the Streets of Bainharia, Mercadores, and Santana, will result in the provision of an additional 14 housing units to integrate the municipal affordable rental program. This is an investment of 1.6 million euros.

The municipality received more than 70 tenders in the tenders for the construction project of about 300 houses, T2 and T3, for affordable housing in Lordelo do Ouro. The period for receiving tenders, which started in April, included three different tenders: the first concerning urbanization, public space, and landscaping works, which also included the renovation works of the section of the Ribeira da Granja, as well as road restructuring. and urban planning of the entire area. The remaining two tenders were for the construction of five collective housing buildings.

This project, which foresees the construction of about 300 houses for the affordable rental market, contemplates its spread over five housing blocks and corresponds to an investment of approximately 46 million euros.

The winning proposals will be awarded prizes in the amount of 15 thousand euros (and the award of the projects, with total fees of more than 1.6 million euros), and the allocation of 10,000 and 5,000 euros to the second and third parties is also planned classified, respectively. For each of the competitions, it is also possible to award two honorable mentions.
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