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Public tenders for 60 vacant commercial spaces in Bolhão

Public tenders for 60 vacant commercial spaces in Bolhão
21 Sep 2020
The Municipality of Porto will launch, on October 6th, public tenders for the occupation of the 60 vacant commercial spaces in the Bolhão Market. In detail, for 42 new stalls, 6 restaurants, and 12 stores. They are spaces that were already empty before the municipal equipment went to works or that are now vacant, given the withdrawal of some historic traders who chose not to return to Bolhão.

Competition is divided into three phases

In the first phase, explained the administrator of GO Porto, the candidate's experience and experience in relation to the category/product will be evaluated, with ten candidates selected for the next phase.

The second phase consists of the delivery of the qualification documents (non-debt and Social Security certificates, for example) and the presentation of the project. This last piece excludes stalls, which do not need to present a project, this is only necessary for restaurants and shops. The project includes three essential components, namely architectural, gastronomic, and financial, which will be evaluated by a jury. 

After the proposals are sorted, six candidates per space will pass to the third and final phase. The allocation of seats will take place by public auction, the first bidding being carried out in a closed envelope, with a bid higher than the initial base value. Once the second bid has been defined, successive bids must be 10 euros, in the case of newsstands; and 100 euros for restaurants and shops. In the end, all contractors will have to pay a deposit to the Municipality. 

Within the market, the BOLHÃO brand will be promoted and traders must be individuals, sole proprietors, and micro-entities. On the contrary, abroad there are no limitations and there is no impediment to the participation of "commercial brands".


Application process through AcinGov

The application process will take place on the AcinGov digital tender/procurement platform (, and interested parties will now be able to register on the platform, which will make all the tender documents available on October, 6th, stated Cátia Meirinhos.

Any questions regarding the use of this online tool, an exclusive means of submitting applications, "there is a support line from AcinGov, with an option dedicated to Bolhão contests, by calling 707 451 451".

There is also the possibility to follow the entire contest process through the website created specifically for this campaign: