Porto City Council Measures Covid-19
21 March 2020
Rui Moreira prepares measures for business and social fabric rehabilitation in the city of Porto

Rui Moreira, in addition to frequent contacts with the Government of the Republic, has maintained a permanent relationship with the city’s councillors, through digital media and held several more formal meetings with all of them in order to start the conception of a package of economic measures and social support motivated by the pandemic crisis of COVID-19.

The set of municipal measures will take into account the measures already announced by the Government and will always be complementary to those determined by the Council of Ministers, and should not overlap. The executive is therefore studying the foreseeable impacts on municipal revenue, which will depend on the time in which economic activity is conditioned. Based on budget availability, measures are being planned to reduce fixed costs to trade and other economic activity, as well as the adaptation of some projects in progress or that were already in preparation, adapting them to the new reality.

Important is the intention of the president and councillors of maintaining, as much as possible, the investment levels of the City Council of Porto, in order to continue to feed the economy and maintain private employment in the city, also through this route.

This work to conceive the economic plan, which already aims at the rehabilitation of the city's business fabric in the post-epidemic crisis period, complementing the national measures that are also being analyzed in detail by the councillors, in their economic but also legal dimension, will be presented as follows and may be progressively adapted to the reality that will result from the pandemic crisis and whose impacts are not yet known.

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