Spanish group eDreams opens office in Porto, "the epicentre for technology" and is hiring!
04 February 2020
Spanish group eDreams opens office in Porto, "the epicentre for technology" and is hiring!

eDreams, the Spanish online travel agency and one of the largest online travel groups in Europe is recruiting engineers and programmers for its new office in Porto, which has been identified by eDreams as the "high promising epicentre for technology".

The giant eDreams ODIGEO, also commonly referred to as eDreams, is about to open two new technologic hubs, in Porto and in Milan, during the first quarter of 2020. The goal is to "enrich the company's team with talents and to attain the recognition of the brand at global level, as the third biggest online flight travel company, which deals in regular and charter flights and low-cost airlines".

The office at the Invicta will start to operate "immediately", through a highly qualified team of iOS and Android programmers, as well as "front" and "back-end" engineers, to work in the 261 platforms of the group, jointly with the technological team based in Madrid and the software team at the company's headquarters, in Barcelona.

"The opening of our new technological hubs, both in Porto and in Milan, is a clear example of our ability to be agile. Our company has a proven record of identifying promising technological epicentres, and of attracting and keeping hold of talent in those places", affirmed Dana Philip Dunne, eDreams CEO as of January 2015.

The company is listed on the stock markets of Madrid and it is also the largest online travel group in Europe, and the largest distributor of online flights in the world. It has over 18.5 million customers in 43 countries, with 40,000 destinations and 575 airlines.

The company' was founded by Javier Pérez-Tenessa in 1999. eDreams ODIGEO was formed in 2011 as the successor of eDreams with the merger of online travel agencies eDreams and GO Voyages, and the acquisition of Opodo (which included Travellink).

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