Talkdesk and Bottlebooks choose Porto
08 March 2017
Talkdesk and Bottlebooks choose Porto
Two other relevant technology companies opted to settle in Porto, starting their activity on March 1st, both having chosen as the base UPTEC-Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto.

Talkdesk, a startup of Portuguese origin, currently employs about 250 people, divided between the Portuguese capital and the United States. Its business is currently valued at around 500 million euros, being referred to as one of the next "unicorn" of Portuguese origin, as it is expected to reach a billion dollars soon. The technology developed by Talkdesk allows you to create a call center on the internet quickly. Although most of the customers are Americans (among them Dropbox), the bet is now in Portugal, leading to the opening of this new office in Porto, for which they have the objective of hiring 100 people.

In the case of Bottlebooks, since 2013 has been working with producers, importers, event planners and other professionals in the wine industry, identifying the data needs of this business, among other services provided. More than 3,000 wine companies exchanged data through Bottlebooks. After considering several European cities, Porto rose to the top of the list after the first visit to the city, as CEO Jonathan Harclerode confessed: "To set up our new international business hub we needed to find top IT talent, strong language skills, and a city that understood what businesses need to succeed — that city is Porto”.
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