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Technological and industrial investment in Porto breaks records in 2017

Technological and industrial investment in Porto breaks records in 2017
09 Apr 2017
In first quarter of 2017, all the records of technological and industrial investment in the city of Porto were broken. Preliminary indicators show that in 2017 the exponential growth of companies in the city in the last three years skyrocketed, with the opening of important investments in the last two months, creating highly specialized jobs.

The most relevant technological investments made in the first quarter of the year, which together represent more than 1,600 specialized jobs created in Porto and many millions of euros in urban rehabilitation, include Bottlebooks, CRITICAL Software, Euronext, Hostelworld, Natixis and Talkdesk.

As far as industrial investment is concerned, Porto has awakened from decades of disinvestment with the future inauguration of Fábrica de Cerveja Portuense in the downtown, creating directly 50 jobs and a new brewery brand in the city.

It’s also worth mentioning the inauguration of Founders Founders, an important and innovative companies’ incubator near Marquês Square, where 13 technology companies already work, and the District Offices and Lifestyle in former Porto Civil Government’s building, near Batalha Square, which houses 55 companies, many of them from the fields of technology and communication, being a true business ecosystem, employing more than 300 people in the city’s downtown.