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Unlocking Economic Happiness: The Power of Investment, Talent, and Entrepreneurship

Find happiness, here, in Porto.

Unlocking Economic Happiness: The Power of Investment, Talent, and Entrepreneurship
Article published in the context of the Happiness Camp 2023 · 29 Aug 2023

A realm of knowledge, warm hospitality, and innovation, Porto, the Invicta city, stands as a resilient and hopeful urban centre, embracing forthcoming challenges.

The Municipality's economic strategy aims not only to enhance the city's economic allure and that of the broader region, but also to foster social cohesion and the well-being of those who live, work, and visit Porto. This is the key to securing Porto's sustainable development, where the harmony of happiness and economy thrives. 

The city of talent

Porto's been catching the eye of companies near and far, turning into a real hotspot for success and growth. And hey, it's not just about the spot-on location. Porto's got top-of-the-line infrastructure, cost-friendly vibes, and an awesome quality of life. Plus, it's got some seriously top-tier schools, universities, and polytechnics known worldwide. No wonder students and businesses looking for top-notch talent are drawn to this place.

But there's more to the story. The Porto City Council has a hands-on approach through its TERA initiative, creating an education-focused scene. The initiative’s not just aiming to attract talent by understanding the job scene in the city; it’s also building up a rad environment for learning and innovation. And what about those who pick Porto as their base? The city's all in to help power up their careers. 

Discover the most exciting companies to work in Porto

InvestPorto has curated a lineup of the city's happiest and most captivating companies, so we can all know who's getting the job done.

The Porto Leading Investors are, for now, 39 companies that represent the innovation, competitiveness, and excellence of the city, helping consolidate Porto as an international talent hub.

You may recognise some of these 39 Porto Leading Investors; they don't go unnoticed. Between recruitment events, initiatives and projects, as well as local opportunities, the Porto Leading Investors drive the city.

We are all entrepreneurs

ScaleUp Porto is an initiative that aims to project Porto's entrepreneurial ecosystem as a national and international reference. Porto isn't just a destination; it's a journey of transformation led by visionary individuals who are united by a common goal: to make their mark on the world through the power of entrepreneurship.

Being an incubator for startups and a fertile ground where innovation takes root and thrives, Porto's entrepreneurial ecosystem seeks to nurture the seeds of creativity. The local entrepreneurial spirit is a force to be reckoned with, helping to reshape the city’s business landscape.

Entrepreneurs here are the pioneers, the risk-takers who refuse to be confined by conventional wisdom. It's this audacious spirit that's putting Porto on the map as a city where taking risks is just part of the journey. Here in Porto, we are all entrepreneurs.