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Eupago is a Portuguese Payment Institution supervised and registered by Banco de Portugal (Portugal Central Bank) since 2015. We offer several payment methods such as: ATM, MBWAY, Payshop, among others.

Experience and Uniqueness
Eupago has been registered by Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank) since 2015. Our flat rate is very competitive compared to other providers in the same area.

We also have the distint services of:
Split-Payments - for businesses with a collective concept of online sales and in which any consumer interested in purchasing products or services has an online catalog with a varied offer to facilitate research and choice.
Failover - provides its customers with a new opportunity to complete the payment, through a request via email or message sent to the final customer.
Refunds - Automatically processes refunds for your customers.
eShop - allows you to manage the order manually, adding different products and generating a reference at the end with the total of the order.
Among others.

Typical Customer
Our clients range from Legal Entities, Sole Proprietors or Associations. Our customers are mostly in Portugal.
  • Financial services
  • Fintech and payment services
Supported languages English Portuguese Spanish
Market expertise
  • Europe
  • Portugal
  • Spain
Industry expertise Financial sector

Praça Artur Santos Silva 74 4200-534 Porto

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