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Shaping Porto's
sustainable future 
InvestPorto is an investment promotion agency founded by Porto City Council to promote, win and support investments in key areas for a more sustainable and competitive future.

We are part of the Municipality of Porto, working together with other public entities and local experts to build the city’s global brand and reputation, attract investments and provide the right information and support for investors, business professionals, founders and talent in Porto.

Message from the Mayor

We are pleased to invite you to visit the InvestPorto website. On this website you will find good reasons to invest in Porto, a historically bourgeois city that values initiative and work.

Porto has talent and critical mass, renowned higher education and R&D institutions, modern infrastructures, good services and quality of life. The city is prepared to respond to current competitiveness demands and challenges of the digital, energetic and climate transition.

Join our strong business community and vibrant innovation ecosystem. The Municipality of Porto wants to support your investment and wants to be your partner in a successful business.

Rui Moreira   |  Mayor of Porto
Message from the City Councillor

Porto is a harbour for all those looking for a city that feels human. A city that has talent. That is rich in heritage, well resourced, open, safe and environmentally responsible.

Porto sees investment attraction as one of the pillars for sustainable economic and social development, and extends an open invitation to companies, investors and talent to join its community.

InvestPorto was founded by the City to boost Porto’s international reputation and competitiveness, and ensure the best support for all future makers that find in Porto a base to change the world.

Welcome to Porto. Feel at Home!

Ricardo Valente   |  City Councillor for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship - Porto City Council

Let us share our secrets

We know the city. We know the people. We know the possibilities.
Ask us your questions.

InvestPorto can provide you tailored information and assistance to navigate Porto’s business ecosystem, facilitating your success in the city.

Our support is a public service provided free of charge for all companies and individuals doing business in Porto. We are a long-term partner, putting trust and delivery as the basis of successful relationships.

Our history in numbers 

Since our founding in 2015, InvestPorto has provided support to hundreds of companies and investors with investment projects in Porto. Completed projects have represented close to 2 billion euros invested in the city and more than 22 thousand jobs added to the local economy.

550investment projects
supported in Porto


investors supported 

# projects in Porto*

1.84 B€total investment
completed in Porto


jobs created in Porto


€ total investment**

The positive effects of these investments include increased employment, urban renewal, innovation, technology transfers, exports and knowledge sharing, contributing to improve Porto's economic welfare and international competitiveness.

1st European
City of the Future
Best FDI strategy • Large cities
FT / fDi Intelligence, 2023
Top Global Cities
Leading Climate Action
Cities A List
CDP, 2022
Winner European
City of the Year
Urbanism Awards
The Academy of Urbanism, 2020
As a result of the growth of foreign investment in Porto, international investors now represent nearly two thirds of all projects we support.

65% foreign investment


countries of origin

Top countries of origin

Porto is increasingly attractive to investors in a variety of activities, from real estate, construction and tourism, to IT and business service centres. The city has become one of the fastest growing hubs for talent, innovation and technology in Portugal and Western Europe, with half of investments we support targetting high-tech or knowledge-intensive industries.

or high-tech activities



service sector

Top target industries 
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