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Porto is striving to become one of the most liveable cities in Europe
Mobility, energy & environment
Key Advantages

The Porto Metropolitan Area has strong Energy and Environmental knowledge clusters and is home to some of the world’s leading mobility companies.

#1 -An Environmentally Sustainable City

Porto is a leading city when it comes to environmental measures. The Porto Climate Pact was launched to bring society together in a commitment to ambitious goals, including 60% CO2 emission reduction by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The Porto City Council has signed the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, establishing also a clear objective related to energy revolution and becoming a benchmark-setter in electric mobility. It is also a member of the C40 Group, a global network of cities leading the fight against climate change. As recognition of Porto's efforts in the area of sustainability, the city received a "Class A” distinction by CDP Europe Awards 2021 and was elected to lead the EUROCITIES Environment Forum (2019-2020).

#2 -Strong Energy & Environment Knowledge Clusters

Porto is home to many research and innovation centres with strong technical expertise in the field of energy and environment, such as the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (part of INESC TEC, Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers), the Centre for Renewable Energy Research (CIENER, that belongs to INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), the solar competence center of Voltalia (an international player in renewable energies), and the Porto Design Centre of Vestas (a leading wind turbine maker in the world). In addition to these research and innovation centres, Porto and the Northern Portugal region also host many local and international players in energy and environment, such as EDP, Galp, EFACEC, Martifer, DST, Siemens, and Enercon.

#3 -High Know-How

In Porto, it is possible to access know-how in multiple areas of the mobility industries, from emerging fields such as advanced production systems and autonomous driving, to specialized textiles, rubber, cork, glass, moulding and plastic solutions. Several R&D units are dedicated to sustainability and innovation issues within the automotive production process, from auto components – new means of transport, low-carbon, green, new fuels and new materials – to advanced technologies applied to the sector – ICT and electronics, optics and laser, robotics, automation and control. For example, CEIIA is a leading mobility-related research and innovation centre in Portugal, and it has provided engineering and product development services for clients such as BMW, VW, Jaguar, PSA, Siemens, and Embraer.

#4 -Well Established Auto Cluster
Several entities are contributing to the sound development of the automobile sector in Porto and Portugal. For example, large multinationals in the automobile sector (such as BMW, Continental, or Bosch) have located R&D, manufacturing, and service operations in the city or the region. Porto also hosts many of Portugal’s most successful local companies and joint ventures in the sector, such as Salvador Caetano or Critical TechWorks, many of which operate across different areas, as ICT (including software, systems, green electronics, and intelligent sensors), energy, natural resources, and environment. Moreover, the city is home to leaders in the development of new technologies for auto manufacturing technology and adaptive production systems, such as Critical Software.
#5 -Highly Specialized in Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

Portugal is internationally recognized for the high quality of its maintenance and engineering services in the Aerospace sector. The sector in the region has benefited from the presence in Portugal of large companies offering maintenance and aeronautical engineering services, as well as some of the world´s largest aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus Group and Embraer. Porto offers scientific, technical, and market expertise in the automotive and aerospace industries, with noteworthy research institutes such as CEIIA and INEGI, along with support skills in other areas linked to mobility such as Chemistry, Materials, and Biotechnology.

#6 -Available Incentives

A broad range of incentives and business support measures are available for Mobility, energy & environment companies in Porto. Use our Incentives guide tool to learn more.

You can also contact us directly to receive tailored support for your project.

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