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4th Meeting "Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy"

4th Meeting "Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy"
08 Feb 2018
The 4th meeting of the partnership "Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy" took place in Jelgava (Latvia), on February 8th and 9th. Just as in the previous meetings which took place in Brussels, Bucharest and Rotterdam, the City Council of Porto was represented by the Councillor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce, Ricardo Valente.

This partnership, both pioneering and innovative, emerges within the scope of the Urban Agenda for the European Union and works like a key-mechanism for the delivery of an action plan and its implementation, with the goal to contribute to improve the financing, the sharing of knowledge and the legislation in order to reach a sustainable growth in the economic, social and territorial areas.

Porto, as urban authority, is one of the 20 partners which comprise the partnership and which has been standing out, having been the partner chosen to accommodate the fifth meeting of the partnership "Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy", in the middle of May, in the Invicta (Undefeated) City.

The Urban Agenda was released in 2016, with the Amsterdam Pact and it represents a new work method which promotes the cooperation among the Member States, the cities, the European Commission and the other interested parties, considering that the urban areas are privileged agents in the creation of the conditions for a sustainable economic growth. The presence of Porto in the partnership "Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy" enables the granting of voice to the challenge of the cities and the representation of its interests, building answers at a European level with a local applicability.”