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500 more jobs created

500 more jobs created
26 Nov 2015

Present at the inauguration, Rui Moreira highlighted the important investment of the multinational, SITEL, having chosen his city to open the new customer service center, creating 500 skilled jobs. "We have one more large company in Porto. It is an opportunity for our young people and other employees of the company that come from abroad to live with us. It is the result of months of work from InvestPorto," said the Mayor, referring to the structure of investment attraction created by himself in the City Council.

Benedita Miranda, manager of the company in Portugal, said that the work of the local authority was related to the support "in the contact with customers, recruiting" staff and presenting arguments about the attractiveness of Porto: "The municipality helped justify to Sitel why Porto would be the ideal city for this new center. It is an attractive city and it will be easy to attract others in the company to live here".

In the press release from SITEL it was stated that "it was recognized the qualities of the city for the establishment of this new center because of the excellent quality of life it provides, the easy accessibility to major European capitals and the ease of attracting highly qualified human resources for being settled here".