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Accenture recognized as the best technological partner for the health sector

Accenture recognized as the best technological partner for the health sector
Dinheiro Vivo · 21 May 2021

Accenture has just been considered the best provider of technological services to the healthcare sector globally, according to the report "HFS Top 10 Healthcare Sector Service Providers".

The study concluded that "Accenture is the only service provider in this report that can bring together consultancy, technology, and large-scale operations for its healthcare customers", after assessing the specific capabilities of 18 providers at the company level, innovation and execution capacity, based on services for patients and healthcare providers.

For HFS, the company that provides studies, vision, and consultancy for the technology and services industry, the increase in demand, the scarcity of supply and the pandemic created an urgent moment for the digital transformation of the health sector.

This transformation "ranges from reducing the cost of care to changing the disease paradigm to promoting well-being, through resilience and compliance to more effectively manage the associated risks".

According to Saurabh Gupta, head of HFS, "insight-driven health is at the heart of Accenture's innovation approach to this sector, supported by patented ideas and relevant technology platforms".

Saurabh Gupta says that "investments in innovation and emerging technological resources differentiate Accenture in the market, especially in the health area, such as the use of hybrid cloud " Triple-A Trifecta"- automation, artificial intelligence and analysis -, IoT and blockchain".

For Sofia Marta, vice president of Accenture Portugal, "the industry needs to embrace innovation and change and, therefore, we are honored to be recognized by HFS as a leader in this work of helping our partners to meet the needs of their customers".