EasyJet and AirFrance
22 May 2020
Air France and easyJet's recovery route includes Porto Airport

This is a crisis like no other so far; most airliners, which have grounded almost entire fleets, start the recovery routes.

According to Publituris, Air France resumes air connections between Paris and Porto on 6th June, "with three weekly flights that will go back to being daily starting 18th June, "without prejudice of adjustments according to the evolution of the current pandemic", as stated by the company.

In addition, easyJet announced the restart of operations on 15th June, "with a short number of flights, mainly domestic flights", in circa 20 European Airports, including the route between Geneva and Porto.

Flights will follow stringent measures to ensure "new biosafety measures", including "thorough disinfection and cleaning" of aircrafts, mandatory use of masks both for passengers and crew members, as well as no on-board food service.

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