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Almada Ponto is the new cowork space in Porto

Almada Ponto is the new cowork space in Porto
NiT · 21 Sep 2020
With teleworking more widespread today than ever before, there are still those looking for spaces for their companies to work in an office or people who simply don't want to work just at home. Cowork spaces are fashionable and there are more and more options for customers to choose from. In the heart of the city of Porto, Almada Ponto is the new work and social space.

Located at 544 Rua de Almada, this space, which opened in June, is large enough - at a time when social distance is important. The historic building in Porto has adapted to current times and is a little bit of everything. The space is divided into two floors, with a dedicated space for cowork, a concept store, and a bistro. In addition, at the end of a working day, you can also enjoy the terraces and gardens.

This is an ideal place for digital nomads, freelancers, or simply for people who want a flexible workplace that allows for high levels of productivity. The workroom is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s years old rooms - with tables decorated with globes and distributed over a long space. There are three types of monthly fees, and you can opt for a daily, monthly, or half-yearly, with values ​​ranging between 80 € and 160 €.

You can work on shared tables or individual tables, with storage space and everything you need. In the future, cultural events should take place, such as book launches.