Arab newspaper shows Porto as a tourist destination and city to invest in
08 July 2019
Arab newspaper shows Porto as a tourist destination and city to invest in

The English-language Arabic daily newspaper "Gulf Today", based in Sharjah, UAE, published an article presenting Porto as a tourist destination and a city to invest in.

The article was written in the context of the Dubai-Porto route inauguration by the Emirates airline last week, and following the presentation made yesterday in the city of Dubai by the Councilor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce of Porto City Council, Ricardo Valente.

The prestigious Arab newspaper points out that Emirates has decided that it is time to act and establish the direct flight Dubai-Porto. According to Gulf Today, Amiruddin Thanawala, President of the Ismaili Community in the UAE, says that "Porto is recognized as a global city, having been named European Capital of Culture in 2001, a leading industrial center, recognized for its rich cultural heritage, leisure, arts, architecture and gastronomy".

"The people of Porto are very authentic. They openly speak of their convictions," said Joaquim Moreira de Lemos, Ambassador of Portugal to the UAE. Combining his personal experience and reality, the diplomat also stressed the "large dimension of Porto", in the sense of the city "being the capital of entrepreneurship and industry".

Regarding the statements of Councilor Ricardo Valente, the newspaper points out that the he opposed the physical size of the city to the size of its relevance and stressed the fact that Porto is the city of the "three T": Talent, Technology and Tolerance. "Gulf Today" also describes that Porto is the center of a region with an active population of 1.8 million people and points out that the University of Porto has about 32,000 students, 6,000 of whom are foreign.

The newspaper also retained that UPTEC - University of Porto Science and Technology Park, researchers and teachers, startups and recognized companies work together to make Porto the capital of innovation and industry. And the proof of this work is the decision of companies like Vestas, BMW or Paribas choosing Porto to settle.

An Emirates spokesman said "the Dubai-Porto direct route promotes the airline's role as a "bridge-builder" between nations, as "Portugal is a very important market for us in Europe" and "this new Dubai-Porto direct route will complement our daily service to Lisbon".

Another important factor mentioned in the article is that "customers living in northwest Spain can access the Emirates network because of its proximity to Porto. Porto is a growing market and is an ideal destination for business and for tourism".

As stated by the journalist who signs the article, Muhammad Yusuf, the city of Porto is increasingly a center of commerce and promotes viable investments in various areas, including technology and innovation.

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