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Ars Electronica is a Festival for art, Technology and Science and it is happening in Porto

Ars Electronica is a Festival for art, Technology and Science and it is happening in Porto
08 Sep 2020

The Ars Electronica Porto Garden by FNDMT is happening in Porto as of today and it brings to the city of makers roundtables and debates on how to "map the new world".

Porto is a world-reputed city of entrepreneurs and makers par excellence, so what better place to host a creatives and technologies's festival? The ecosystem at the Invicta delivers innovation and entrepreneurship, clearly demonstrating that it embodies the DNA of such a festival, which celebrates collaboration and partnership, alongside industry and creatives.

The festival runs from 9th September to 13th September and the agenda is streamed online.

The event is organised by Lisa Lang, a German who established in Porto several years ago. 

Ars Electronica Porto Garden by FNDMT is inspired by Ars Electronica of Linz, in Austria, which has been delivered since 1979, bringing together artists, scientists, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and activists. The regional edition that takes place in Porto is developed by the company OFundamentO (FNDMT), sister company of ThePowerHouse, founded by Lisa Lang.

Some of this event's highlights include debates on "How to find opportunities amid chaos" or "Social impact and the ethics of artificial intelligence".

The last panel is presented on 13th September under the theme "Porto: Welcome to the city of makers, your place for creative enterprises", and it will be streamed live on social media.

Councillor for Economy, Tourism and Trade of Porto City Hall, Ricardo Valente, resident of Porto Tech Hub, Luís Neves, and the mentor of the project A Maquinista, Patrícia Soares da Costa, will take part in the panel, alongside makers Mario Silva, of Lehman + Silva gallery, Irena Übler, expert in Industrial Design and Sustainability and Tauan Bernado, of VivaLab.

The panel is moderated by Lisa Lang, considered by Forbes to be one of the 50 most influential women in European Technology.

Ars Electronica Porto Garden by FNDMT also thrived thanks to the work by Lívia Pinent and Joana Lacerda, members of ThePowerHouse team, with the support of Porto City Hall.