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Asian Conference learned about Porto’s leading role in the economy and sustainability

Asian Conference learned about Porto’s leading role in the economy and sustainability
Porto. · 09 Dec 2022

Porto City Hall was represented by Councillor Ricardo Valente at the event that brought together European and Asian specialists.

As an example of a city capable of economically regenerating itself by attracting investment, while maintaining its ambition to be a leader in terms of digital and environmental transition, Porto was invited to be present at the Smart Green ASEAN Cities – Making Capital Work for Cities conference.

This conference brought together in Bangkok, Thailand, European and Asian experts, in a total of around 100 people, who shared the best practices regarding attracting investment for sustainable projects for cities.

Representing the city of Porto, the councillor for Finance, Economic Activities and Supervision and Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente, gave a presentation on the city’s path towards sustainability.

The conference addressed different themes, like the challenges faced by cities around the world, which require common work and not just localized work. It was discussed the need for economic, social, and environmental sustainability (namely carbon neutrality).

As a result of a joint initiative of the United Nations, through the United Nations Capital Development Fund, of the European Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV).

From Europe, in addition to Porto, the cities of Rhenen (The Netherlands), Malmo (Sweden), Valladolid (Spain), and Paris (France) were present. From Asia several cities from Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

The main goal is to promote the South-South and North-South dialogue and share any good practices that may be presented.

Vong Sok, head of ASEAN’s environmental division, highlighted the importance of this initiative and considered the cities that participated in the meeting to be true "Key Champions Cities”, valuing their participation as a very valid sharing of good practices, experiences, and interaction.

Speaking from New York, the United Nation responsible for local economic development, David Jackson, shared a perspective on the importance of resilience and the need of investment in carbon neutrality, environmental enhancement, and the need to attract partners for this desideratum.