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10 November 2021
Bee Engineering develops solidarity video game for companies to make donations
"Bee Kind" was developed thinking of companies that feel the need to involve their professionals in a solidarity action, after a phase of prolonged physical distancing.

The academy of Bee Engineering created a video game capable of involving companies and employees in solidary objectives. Thanks to "Bee Kind", packages of feed, deworming products and toys were already delivered to the animals of União Zoófila, the entity that hosts Empada, the protégé dog of the technology company. The game is customizable, depending on the playing company and the association being helped.

"Organizations should set an example in education and awareness, encouraging good practices and appropriate behavior. Social responsibility is one of these examples, however, they often put into practice measures of great impact, but without the involvement of their employees. The goal of 'Bee Kind' is precisely to help any company to achieve the involvement of all its professionals in business actions and in the top strategy of the organization", begins by saying José Leal e Silva, CEO of Bee Engineering, in a statement.

"The platform connects various vectors of Bee Engineering's activities, namely the Bee Academy, Nectar Interactive, Social Responsibility and União Zoófila," he adds.

In the case of the donation to União Zoófila, the "Bee Kind" involved overcoming seven levels, each corresponding to the achievement of a charitable good. Within five days, and after more than 17 million taps, the Bee Engineering team managed to complete all objectives and thus unlock several donations to the association.

The game was developed in an academy regimen, under the coordination of Nectar Interactive, a unit of digital solutions based on video games, and Bee Engineering, thinking of companies that feel the need to involve their professionals after a phase of prolonged physical distancing.

"With Bee Kind, they can increase the connection between team members and promote common values, while helping external entities of solidarity. The customization of this digital solution is possible for any organization and challenge proposed", clarifies the company.
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