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Brazilian delegation came to learn about the city's innovation system

Brazilian delegation came to learn about the city's innovation system
Porto. · 29 Sep 2022
A Brazilian delegation came to Porto to learn more about practices promoting innovation and promote exchanges between the ecosystems of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and the city of Porto.

The 20 representatives from Sebrae de Santa Catarina were received on Monday, at Paços do Concelho, by the vice-president of Porto City Hall and councillor for Environment and Climate Transition and Innovation and Digital Transition, Filipe Araújo. Also accompanying the delegation were the director of CEiiA by COLAB, Vladimiro Feliz, and members of InvestPorto.

"The city's economic activity comes from its capacity to undertake and innovate", stressed Filipe Araújo and gave some examples of municipal measures developed in this context and focused on the citizen, such as, for example, the Porto Card, Porto Digital, the programme Porto com Sentido and InvestPorto.

Seabre/SC highlighted the importance of the role of a municipality using the example of InvestPorto as a success story, given the work done by the municipal division in driving an entrepreneurial ecosystem, through innovation policies and investment attraction strategy.

The quality of life as a crucial factor for a city, in addition to its economic and talent ecosystem, and the importance of learning from other cities in the world, working as a network, with regard to innovation and development, were paradigms highlighted by the Councillor for Innovation and Digital Transition.

The delegation also visited Escola 42, a programming academy with a distinctive teaching system, without teachers, schedules, requirements or fees, recently opened in Invicta.

This was followed by a passage through the Porto Innovation Hub, the physical space of Porto Digital, where some initiatives aiming to transform the relationship between citizens and the Municipality were presented, such as the Porto Digital structure (optical fibre + wi-fi), the Toolbox for Innovation and Digital Transition, the Guide to Innovation, Explore.Porto.

Since 1972, Sebrae de Santa Catarina has operated in the area of sustainable development of small businesses. The entity promotes training courses, facilitates access to financial services, stimulates cooperation between companies, organises fairs and encourages the development of activities that contribute to employability.