29 October 2021
Católica launches international platform to promote sustainable innovation
It assumes itself as a "hub" of Innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration and intends to defy national companies and foreign specialists to find the best solutions to make businesses more sustainable, whether in new products or policies. INSURE.hub is a platform created by the Catholic University of Porto and Planetiers New Generation, which was presented this Wednesday.

Following the need to respond to environmental challenges, and in line with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for sustainable development, INSURE.hub will support companies and clusters in business development and new investments, promote sustainable and regenerative entrepreneurship, create postgraduate and master's degrees in the area, as well as seeking to mobilize society towards full sustainability (net-zero) and/or regeneration.

The platform, which was born from the work of Católica Porto Business School and the School of Biotechnology, "has as main objective the creation of a vibrant international ecosystem of transdisciplinary knowledge, that promotes business solutions with a circular, sustainable and regenerative scope, enhanced by disruptive technologies" explains the vice president of Católica Porto, João Pinto, in a statement.

António Vasconcelos, from Planetiers New Generation, guarantees that INSURE.hub will count "on the contribution of international experts with experience in the implementation of disruptive, circular, sustainable and/or regenerative processes".

"We want INSURE.hub to become an initiative that involves all stakeholders to prepare solutions in line with the 2030 goals," adds Manuela Pintado, director of the Center for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry at the Catholic University in Porto, responsible for projects such as Alchemy, which develops new applications for by-products/waste from the fermentation processes of the Amyris company and the sugarcane production, thus promoting the development of new molecules of great interest to the cosmetics industry.

Alchemy is one of the results of the 50 million euros investment that the Superior School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Porto received in 2018 to investigate alternative energy sources to oil.

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